Clogwild of Palm Springs: Swedish and Danish clogs by Sanita, Olsson, Troentorp Bastad, Brakkies.

About Båstad Clogs at Clogwild

Made by the Bastad Tofflen Clog Company, these are the original Swedish wooden clogs, first made in Troentorps, Sweden, in 1907, more than a hundred years ago.

Here's the original farmhouse, where August Johansson started making clogs. In the village of Troentorp, near Bastad, Sweden, he built his own wind-powered lathe to carve clogs. His children helped to make clogs as well. To the left is the farm house. At the right is the office, with the woodshop behind it (Note the car parked in front.) At the back is a mountain of alder wood, stacked to dry, which is used to make the wooden soles. Over the years, his small family business has grown to the largest, most modern makers of clogs.

  • Båstad clogs are designed for standing for hours on hard surfaces.
  • Båstad (pronounced Bah-stad) clogs are handmade.
  • The alder wood sole is cut and dried to precisely 9% moisture.
  • The leather is wet-lasted. this means it is soaked, stretched over the shoe last (a wooden foot form,) hand-hammered to the shoe, and treated with an oil-resistant finish.
  • A padded collar is added to the upper edge and the polyurethane sole is heat-bonded to the wooden sole.
  • Båstad clogs use European sizes. Whole sizes only. Half sizes should order the next largest size. See the size chart for details.

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